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I'm Riding for Children's Mental Health!

Keith B Stein

Keith B Stein

Dear Family and Friends:

Children need our help!

Nearly 30% of parents report that the necessary social distancing measures and closures that were taken to address COVID-19 have had negative effects on their children.

My buddies and I are riding in this year's Cycle of Support, sponsored by The Jewish Board, in support of Children's Mental Health.

Our team is "El Guapo and the Alta Cockers" , and so far includes:
Great Neck Richman - El Guapo himself
Keith Stein
George Kaufman
Barry Cooper
Bobby Satin
David Firestein
Howard Chatzinoff

Join us in creating awareness about the importance of children's mental health, ensuring young New Yorkers can access the mental health services they desperately need, and raising much needed funds for children-centered mental health services.

And, if you'd like to join our team and ride with us (on our actual ride, or on your own, or on your Peloton or spin bike, or out for a run or walk), please let me know at keithbstein@gmail.com.


raised of $3,000 goal

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Doing good things. Ride well my friend
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Enjoy the ride, to a worthy cause!
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Team El Guapo and the Alta Cockers