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Family Activities for September

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You don't have to be an adult to be an advocate for children's mental health. Here's how kids can also get involved!

Scavenger Hunt

Want to keep your child engaged as you both ride in your neighborhood to support children's mental health? You can read the clues with your child below, have them take a photo of what's being described, and submit those photos to hlarson@jbfcs.org and get entered into a raffle to win a fabulous bike-themed prize!

  1. Food glorious food! So many places to get a snack or treat on the go. Where is your favorite, we’d love to know!
  2. What is red and holds water to put out a fire fast? Find one and snap a pic and don’t be last!
  3. Being safe while crossing the street is so important, as you know. Send us a photo of a safety sign that is for people on the go!
  4. Being at the park and playground is always fun! Take a photo of your favorite activity to do at the park or playground on the run!
  5. Do you have a pet? Or maybe your neighbor or friend does? Take a photo of a cute pet, just because!
  6. Do you have a lucky or favorite number? 1, 2 or maybe 44? Take a photo of someplace where you find this number, maybe on a street sign or a store!
  7. There are so many ways to get around these days, not just on your bike as you are now. Take a photo of a way to get around town other than your bike – wow!
  8. Bike safety is so important each and every day. Take a photo of a street sign that reminds us of how to be safe as we play!
  9. There are so many heroes who we look up to, and they don’t always have a cape to wear! Take a photo of your local hero, and let them know how much you care!
  10. It’s so nice to be outside biking with nature all around! Take a photo of an insect or bug flying or on the ground!
  11. What is your favorite color? Do you have more than one? Take a photo of something that is your favorite color and make it fun!

Creatively Color!

Let your child create a sign to show why it's important to let children express their feelings, or download our coloring book and let them color it in however they'd like. Let your child's creativity soar!