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Severe Weather Information

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Cycle of Support's highest priority will always be the safety of the riders. The ride will proceed “rain or shine” unless we anticipate severe weather or are notified that routes have been compromised because of the weather. In the case of predicted rain, strongly advise riders wear appropriate clothing to stay warm and as dry as possible.  The weather will be monitored through the National Weather Service leading up to the event and during the event itself.
Severe storms are categorized as those with lightning, severe winds, hail, flooding, and other dangerous conditions. Severe storms present a more significant hazard especially as they may appear while riders are on course.

Severe Weather Response 

Cycle of Support's highest priority is safety for our riders. We have identified three possible adjustments to the Day of the Ride to respond to any weather we may encounter.  Cycle of Support will closely monitor to the National Weather Service and quickly communicate any changes to our riders through social media and in person at the ride. 

We may shorten a route.
A pre-planned alternate route has been identified and will be triggered if there is a weather delay or if we see that the weather is worsening. Riders will be notified of any changes immediately and provided with updated paper route sheets and access to the new route. 
We may change a route.  
In the case of a public safety emergency, course damage, or other situations where using the existing course may endanger participants, Cycle of support will adjust the route as needed and update signage as needed. Cycle of Support will keep riders updated in person and through social media if there are any changes. Volunteers may be placed along the route if there are changes happening after the start of any ride. 
In the most extreme cases, we may have to cancel the ride. 
Your safety is paramount and if our Bike Ride experts deem that there is sufficient risk, we'll cancel any remaining rides.  We'll do our best to notify riders as early as possible and through all channels possible.  Should the cancelation be initiated too close to the event to adequately notify riders, volunteers will be on site to communicate the updates in-person. 

In the event that severe weather approaches while Cycle of Support is already in progress, we have contingency plans in place.  Cycle of Support staff and volunteers will prioritize communication and may let riders know by bullhorn, announcement, or via volunteers placed throughout the routes. Please note that rest stops are designated as assembly points, and that vehicles will come to pick up riders in the case of any emergency.